Sarah Charles Lewis Bids for Posterity in Tuck Everlasting

Sarah Charles Lewis – the young Winnie Foster of WitzEnd Productions’ Tuck Everlasting – was recently the subject of a feature in the New York Times!

“Sarah Charles Lewis is only 11, but already she has a position on immortality: If offered a liquid that would allow her to live forever, but keep her always at her current age, she would decline.

‘I feel like I’d miss out on being a mom, and a grandmother, and I feel like I’d miss out on everything,’ she explained.

It’s not the kind of question most fifth graders grapple with. But Sarah is an unusual child, who has just left Georgia to move to New York and make her Broadway debut in “Tuck Everlasting,” a musical about a girl whose life is upended when she meets an immortal family in the woods.”

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